Wireless 5G IC

We design cutting edge wireless Integrated Circuits, in nanometer CMOS, BiCMOS and Bipolar Technologies. Our designs are implemented by leading OEM manufacturers for network infrastructure and smart phone systems.

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Satellite / Ground Beamforming

We design for satellite and ground stations, radiation hardened transceivers in frequencies exceeding 50 GHz. We specialize in ICs for Beamforming systems.

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We design to accommodate a broad spectrum of data transfer requirements, ranging from the small, intermittent to large payloads. From continuous to sporadic data transmissions, from a few feet to several kilometers.

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Since 1993

Wireless Silicon IC (RFIC)

We develop wireless silicon IP, providing unique solutions for some of industries hardest problems that are very difficult to be sourced elsewhere.

We specialize in circuits to 50GHz and above, with ultra-low power consumption, powerful transmitters with very low emissions and exceptionally sensitive receivers.

Our Radio Frequency focused team have an innovative “ground up” approach to clearly identify market requirements and standards specifications, to produce the highest quality innovative products that are modular and easily integrated into a complete system.

We have an in-house antenna design team to produce antennas that match the front-end wireless radio transceivers we design. We also design and build PCB subsystems and test boards. We can test our circuits to 100 GHz in our laboratory and have access to industry approved facilities for verification to standards specifications.