Our heritage is Radio Design. We are passionate about all things wireless – It is our hobby, it is our passion, it is our profession. The number of wireless transceivers in consumer electronics have expanded exponentially and our expert engineers have worked in just about all of them.

Whether a ground up approach to a new wireless subsystem, enhancements to an existing solution or porting to a new technology; our engineers can provide world-class solutions.

Key Skills

  • Complete high volume top down Radio Systems Design
  • Wireless Designs for complete SoC
  • Array Antennas and Patch Antennas
  • Complete PCB designs for high volume manufacture
  • IOT wireless designs
  • Cellular Network and Smart Phone wireless designs
  • Car to car communication (C-ITS) and in-vehicle communications
  • Low data rate low power wide-area network (LPWAN) solutions
  • Wireless telemetry for medical applications
  • Transceivers for point to point microwave links
  • Rapid prototyping and design concept verification